What drill bit size do you use to install a Tacpon Concrete Screw?

What drill bit size do you use to install a Tacpon Concrete Screw?

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It's import to use the correct drill bit for the installation of a Tapcon Concrete Screw. When it comes to understanding what type, size and length Bright Fasteners has got you covered.

First you must understand the installation process of Tapcon Screws:

Drill using a hammer drill, drill hole 1/4" deeper than anchor embedment. Use the charts below to select the correct drill bit. Clean Hole. Using a blow out bulb or compressed air, remove dust from hole. Drive anchor using a hammer drill with nut driver or Phillips bit until fully seated.

For Classic Blue Hex Washer Head and Phillips flat, Refer to the chart below:

For classic Blue Tapcon Concrete Screw you can either use a classic drill bit, SDS-Plus (Fits SDS PLUS style Hammer Drills) or we have a section of dedicated tapcon drill bits.

Manufactured with higher tolerances than ANSI standards, carbide-tipped Tapcon® Drills Bits enable: 

  • An accurate fit so anchors install quick and last long
  • Precise holes in order to achieve maximum holding power
  • Less breakage on the job
  • Increased drive and holding power when used with Tapcon anchors

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