ELCO Crete-Flex SS4 Masonry Anchors

ELCO Crete-Flex SS4 Masonry Anchors

Crete-Flex® SS4 Masonry Fastening System Extraordinary Strength and Fastener Performance

A family of high performance, 410 stainless steel masonry anchors, the Crete‑Flex SS4 fastening system delivers corrosion resistance, installation consistency and outstanding performance when connecting materials to concrete or hollow block

Engineering Technology Oversized threads:

#14 diameter Crete-Flex anchors have a .268" O.D. and .201" I.D. These larger-than-normal root diameters (54 – 56% higher than standard concrete anchors with alternating threads) allow them to deliver exceptional performance, including higher shear values

Unique thread design:

Crete-Flex anchors utilize more robust 40º threads for enhanced thread engagement and “V” notches for efficient tapping. These features provide exceptionally high mechanical strengths.

Superior Corrosion Resistance Special heat treat:

Heat treatment is required for added corrosion resistance and successful tapping into concrete. Typical 410 stainless fasteners are case hardened. However, case hardening can adversely affect a fastener’s ductility and corrosion resistance. Crete-Flex anchors undergo a special heat treatment that allows the 410 stainless material to retain more of its natural corrosion resistance and ductility.

Unique Finish: Crete‑Flex fasteners then receive Elco’s unequaled Stalgard® coating. The combination of this unique heat treatment and silver Stalgard coating results in superior corrosion resistance. Even after 1600 hours in a salt spray cabinet (per ASTM B117), Crete‑Flex fasteners showed no signs of red rust.


In-place inspection of Crete-Flex anchors is easy. The head marking consists of an Elco logo and a “4” as shown.




  • 410 stainless steel
  • Oversized #14 diameter –Shank (unthreaded section): .214" – Major thread diameter (O.D.): .268" – Minor thread diameter (I.D.): .201"
  • Heavy-duty, V-notched thread with larger crosssectional area (25% greater than other commonly-used masonry fasteners)
  • Hex washer, flat, hex flange and TrimFit® flat heads available
  • Gimlet point
  • Special heat treatment
  • Silver Stalgard corrosion-resistant finish provides 1600 hours of salt spray resistance
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Installed with a 7/32" carbide-tipped masonry drill bit


  • Exceptionally high shear values and pull‑out values
  • Enhanced corrosion resistance
  • Easy and consistent installation